"I'm heading to the big city to become famous!" -- Unknown

Our Famous Heritage

All the people listed below have been featured on our website,
and are now officially 'famous' in our book (if that means anything).


October to 11/08/99

11/08/99 to 12/27/99

12/27/99 to 2/01/00

2/02/00 to 3/15/00


March 16, 2000 to April 21, 2000

March 16, 2000 - Leah - "I wanna be famous because...well...c'mon! Look at me! And that is only the beginning of my incredible talents. (And it helps to be beautiful!)"

March 17, 2000 - Philippe - "I wanna be famous because I want to have a better life and make things good around me."

March 20, 2000 - Jacki - "I wanna be famous because I think deserve I have tried recently on numerous attempts to become noticed I am not arrogant I just feel if Britney Spears can do it so can I hehehe just kidding I love singing have been since I could talk.."

March 21-22, 2000 - Tammie - "I wanna be famous because I have the ability to act, and my family needs a lot of help with things right now. I would really like to show my talent to someone who appreciates it."

March 23, 2000 - Bill - "I wanna be famous because I'm single."

March 24, 2000 - Lei - "I wanna be famous because I just need my big break so that I can be on the big screen."

March 27, 2000 - Daniel - "I wanna be famous because I'm goofy and I have a lamp on my head!"

March 28, 2000 - Rupesh - "I wanna be famous because I'm not famous and I am new to USA."

March 29, 2000 - Ricardo - "I wanna be famous because I'd like to show the world how beautiful we Brazilians are."

March 30, 2000 - Rogerio and Paula - "I wanna be famous because I think Brazilians are famous in many ways, so I can be too!!"

April 3, 2000 - Selena - "I wanna be famous because more than 400,000 people have already seen me in my webcam but no one has asked for my autograph when I'm walking in the streets!"

April 14, 2000 - Anselmo - "I wanna be famous for to starry a film of great success and to work with the startling great star of the movies Julia Roberts. It can be a film of any gender since it is with her. To work with Julia would be the only reason of doing me to want to be famous."

April 21, 2000 - Goose - "I wanna be famous because I told my Mother that I was going to be listed on websites some day and it hasn't quite happened yet. I hoping it soon will!"



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