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September 28, 2000

Today's famous person is Kahlin.

"I wanna be famous because no one in my family has ever been "famous" (well, my dad has his name in the paper daily, probably because he is local sportswriter..I know I know..oooh! right? Well, golly gee a real live sportswriter! Isn't that just a dandy? I ask you to cool you're excitement for a second and finish reading..) And I decided that it is up to be to take the responsibility upon my shoulders to bring the "Kelly" family some decent attention. Besides, people are starting to figure out that Gene Kelly and Grace Kelly aren't really distant great second cousins and I need a new gimmick 2nd of all, I am very ambitious (or stupid, you decide) and I have decided to pursue my dream of screenwriting, disowning any other sensible and practical thought to achieve my life goal. You see..(uh oh...boring useless facts on Kahlin Kelly...keep reading cause there is a monster behind you, and I warn that he gets angry when someone doesn't finish my work..Oreo cookies work well as a short distraction if you come to need a "potty" break..) I originally planned to major in Journalism in college, but I had a recent epiphany and realized how short life is, and that you only have one shot, so you should pursue something that you really want, no matter how unattainable it seems. (How is that for a run-on sentance?) So, now I am a hopeful screenwriting major upon my completion of community college in May. I really really really want to get into the film school at the University of Central Florida (yup, the same guys that brought us "The Blair Witch Project"), but first I have to convince them how cool I am. (Don't roll your eyes at me! Remember who is behind you!) I have already wrote numerous plays, one which was produced last spring, and ...WOW! What a rush that was! If I can get UCF to be my friend and let me have a B.A., I want to go to the University of Southern California to continue in the master's program. 3rd, I WANNA BE FAMOUS! Before I die, I want to be able to tell people that I was famous. That I got out there..that I did something. That I was a college girl on a website, but my clothes were on. So, as you must agree, this could be a great back-up plan if the screenwriting thing doesn't work out...of course if you have seen "Nurse Betty" or some of the other recent movies, I would say I might have a fair chance..."

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"Why do you wanna be famous?" -- Bill Hartzer

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