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We Make Ordinary People Famous!

October 2, 2000

Today's famous person is Laurie.

"I wanna be famous because my whole entire life movies seemed to be a place in which I could escape. So many movies have thrilled me, made me happy, made me have different outlooks on subject matter, made me cry...I want to be an actress. It has been my dream for so long. I even have made exact plans on how I want to pursue my dream. Although I hope to get a break before high school is over [I am a junior in HS] I know exactly what I'll do when out. I want o have a career at what I love and what I am good at. Acting is it. I seriously cannot even imagine [though I've tried] myself in any other field of expertise. I want to be a role model for our future generation, an icon, remembered as one of the greatest actors of the time. I hope to have my dream come true. I feel I deserve to have a dream of mine fulfilled after all the disappointments that I have endured and lived through because I refuse to give up."

  Here at IWannaBeFamous!, we feature one ordinary person every day. Being famous is not so bad after all.
Sometimes fame brings big fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Keep in mind that once you're
famous you'll need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and
perhaps a good plastic surgeon. Are you up to the challenge of receiving instant fame through the internet?
If so, then send us your photo today and tell us why you wanna be famous!



"Why do you wanna be famous?" -- Bill Hartzer

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