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We Make Ordinary People Famous!

October 5, 2000

Today's famous person is Linda.

"I wanna be famous because I want to earn a living as an actress. But, quite frankly, being famous is optional! After coming to the ripe old age of (cough,cough)and realizing that my personality fits ONLY the career of acting-I have decided not to go against the GODS any longer! It is my destiny! I am a natural! There are hundreds of actors who earn extremely comfortable livings and not many people recognize them on the street! That would be fine with me! I just need to let my "soul shine" and not deny it any longer who and what I am!! (of course, a few magazine covers and some endorsement money wouldn't hurt!)"

  Here at IWannaBeFamous!, we feature one ordinary person every day. Being famous is not so bad after all.
Sometimes fame brings big fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Keep in mind that once you're
famous you'll need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and
perhaps a good plastic surgeon. Are you up to the challenge of receiving instant fame through the internet?
If so, then send us your photo today and tell us why you wanna be famous!



"Why do you wanna be famous?" -- Bill Hartzer

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