"I'm heading to the big city to become famous!" -- Unknown

Our Famous Heritage

All the people listed below have been featured on our website,
and are now officially 'famous' in our book (if that means anything).


October to 11/08/99

11/08/99 to 12/27/99

12/27/99 to 2/01/00

2/02/00 to 3/15/00

03/16/00 to 04/21/2000

05/03/00 to 07/31/00

August 1, 2000 to Present


August 1, 2000 - Tommy Rock - "I wanna be famous because well, I'd really have to say that just being famous isn't enough.  Maybe, the real question is how do I want to become famous?  Or, when I'm famous, what can I do with it? Help someone in need, do something good for a community. . .Give back!  I'm kind of a crazy guy . . .so I don't think I'd mind fame at all.  You have to be a little crazy to handle all the attention. I guess I'd say that I wanna be famous so I could give back to my family, my community and my friends!"

August 2, 2000 - Vishal - "I wanna be famous because being famous would give me the admiration and love (specially from beautiful, sexy girls) which I have always craved for and all the money I have wanted to be comfortable in life. I feel that it's really a GREAT thing to be recognized and admired wherever you go."

August 3, 2000 - Keith and Christy - "We wanna be famous because we have nothing better to do."

August 4-6, 2000 - Renate - "I wanna be famous because my lips are very special."

August 7, 2000 - Amber - "I wanna be famous because God gave me the talent to sing and I wanna use it in every way I can because It is a very special gift that some people don't have and I feel honored that I have the gift of singing because I wanna sing for the rest of my life."

August 8, 2000 - Kristen - "I wanna be famous because I am very talented and I need to be discovered....cause I will blow you away!"

August 9, 2000 - John - "I wanna be famous because I should have married Jennifer Aniston!"

August 10, 2000 - Kelly - "I wanna be famous because I want to help find a direction in life!!  I am a dancer, but have also done some modeling, acting (plays etc..).  Not sure if this is even real, but who knows. Gotta start somewhere."

August 11, 2000 - Adan - "I wanna be famous because there are so many famous people out there not trying to help out with the problems in the world.  I'd like to be famous so that I can make a change in many peoples lives.  With as much money as famous people make.. I could help to put a smile on thousands of hungry children's faces! (As well as the various other charities that the money could be given to!)" 

August 14, 2000 - Marina - "Eu quero ficar famosa por que eu nasci para brilhar! Eu sou linda, inteligente, divertida, popular... Olhem a minha foto: n�o estou coberta de raz�o? Esses produtores de Hollywood est�o procuarndo Pop Stars nos lugares errados!"

"I wanna be famous because I was born to shine! I am pretty, intelligent, am amusing, popular... They look at my photo: I am not covered of ratio? These producers of Hollywood are procuarndo Pop Stars in the wrong places!"

August 15, 2000 - Andr�a- "I wanna be famous because I think I can make too much friend that I can Imagine.... I can help them in all time with love, care and friendship. I think that the world needs more lovely and comprehension people, to take care of our children and our youth. And I wanna be famous because I would show how we could change the world telling the truth."

August 16, 2000 - Nikki - "I wanna be famous because I feel like I was born to be famous. Even when I was younger, people use to call me "Hollywood" they would say I had that look. I think I would be a great famous person because I know what it feels like to struggle so I would not take success to the extreme."

August 17, 2000 - Timothy - "I wanna be famous because I'm always dreaming to be a singer, but I never could be."

August 18, 2000 - Carolina - "I wanna be famous because it's my dream and I know how to act, and I'm a great dancer. Maybe one day, who knows..."

August 21, 2000 - Jason - "I wanna be famous because I think it would be a great opportunity. It all started as a childhood dream. Now I believe I have what it takes to be famous."

August 22, 2000 - Rikki - "I wanna be famous because I want to be famous and have millions of people love me. I want to be wanted."

August 23, 2000 - Joanna - "I wanna be famous because I think it would give me an opportunity to voice myself as an artist and put me in a position where I could change things for the better in this world. I believe that artists create the future and I have a responsibility to use what talent I have to improve this place. I am also an Australian and I think it would be good to have a world famous Australian who did something good for the planet."

August 24, 2000 - Pokerz - "I wanna be famous because it just seems like the right thing to do."

August 25, 2000 - Amy - "I wanna be famous because I am a single mother, I want to be able to give my child everything I never had when I was a child...also because I'm outgoing, caring, and care about people, so I know that one day I will be discovered....plus, I'm beautiful, as well as all the people in the world....on the inside and out."

August 28, 2000 - Andrew - ""I wanna be famous because HAHA who doesn't. Does anything cool ever happen to not famous people? NO."

August 29, 2000 - Felipe - "Sou o cara mais bonit�o do Brasil, e quando for para Hollywood vou arrasar como ator, e conquistarei todas as garotas americanas!"

"I am the face more bonit�o of Brazil, and when it will be for Hollywood

I go to arrasar as actor, and I will conquer all the American girls!"

August 30, 2000 - Danny - "I wanna be famous because I deserve it. Everyone says that there's that special something about me, that I'm not your ordinary Jose. And I'm not. I have it all, a personality, talent, and great friends, and plenty of people that dislike me."

August 31, 2000 - Monica - "I wanna be famous because I am bored with an ordinary life. I need a change and some fun!!!! Being a college student is stressful and I don't have much time for fun. Stupid me- I took to many classes and I also work part time. Anyway, It would be cool to be famous and carefree.."

September 1, 2000 - Llyleth - "I wanna be famous because I'm an ordinary woman, who could be any woman and yet, anyone who knows me, say I've most definitely left my mark on this world."

September 5, 2000 - Claude - "I wanna be famous because I'm living the pop culture American Dream. After successfully writing the Great American Sports Novel before my 30th birthday, I started my own Dot-Com, LinkLeads.com, Inc.. Baseball and a future Nasdaq listing -- what's more storied than that?"

September 6, 2000 - Carrie - "I wanna be famous because I have wanted to be famous since I was 4. Plus everyone always tells me I would make a good model and/or actress. When I was 4, I would be anywhere and I would start saying lines from books that I read. It would happen just about anywhere. Like I would be in a Mall or a Library or even just the grocery store."

September 9, 2000 - Niccloche' - "I wanna be famous because I have not only made my site for myself, but for the fans as well, and I would like be known for what I did for them."

September 11, 2000 - Meredith - "I wanna be famous because I want to meet other famous people I look up to and prove to all of my family and friends that I can be "Something" other than a high-school drop-out!"

September 12, 2000 - Tara - "I wanna be famous because I have wanted to be famous since I was a little girl. It takes three things, talent, confidence, and encouragement, and I have it. Now I only need one last push to help me get on my way."

September 13, 2000 - Jenna - "I wanna be famous because life is too short to be swirled down the drain of mediocrity. Because the oppression of normality strangles my creative spirit. Because I have an ego the size of Graceland. Because crazy people should stick together. Because I feel like it."

September 14, 2000 - Arrie - "I wanna be famous because with a face like this - who doesn't wanna be?"

September 15, 2000 - Matthew - "I wanna be famous because ever since I was little I wanted to ride on fire trucks and rescue people from burning houses. I'm now work for a fire department, and almost everyday I ride a fire engine and help someone in one way or another. To see the smile on children as we ride down the street with the lights and sirens, brings back memories. I can almost see myself as a child standing there with the biggest smile on my face. Everything seems to slow down, just long enough to see myself waving up at the fire engine. Knowing that I make that kind of impact on a child that young, or an elderly adult; not only makes my day, but my entire life a whole lot better. I think someone like me for taking time out of my own life, to serve and protect others, deserves to be remembered and honored."

September 18, 2000 - Llyleth - "I'm an ordinary woman, who could be any woman and yet, anyone who knows me, say I've most definately left my mark on this world.."

September 19, 2000 - Kelly - "I wanna be famous because I never have been and always wanted to be."

September 20, 2000 - Shawn - "I wanna be famous because I have a good body and a face with nice features. I have a fun-loving personality, and people tend to bond easily with me. I really am looking for exposure, but money doesn't hurt either."

September 21, 2000 - Richard - "I wanna be famous because fame will allow me to reach a wider demographic of people with life-saving and life-enhancing messages about HIV and AIDS.  In this global pandemic of HIV transmission we all must do our part to stem the tide in the War against AIDS; and my part is to continue to raise awareness about and educate others regarding this deadly but easily preventable disease. For me, one more HIV infection is one more too many."

September 22, 2000 - Paul - "I wanna be famous because Jimi never mentioned me. I taught that boy everything and he just left me behind. It should have been me.."

September 25, 2000 - Adam - "I wanna be famous because I live in a little hick town. No one will ever know me!"

September 26, 2000 - Susan - "I wanna be famous because I am the youngest child of my parent's ten children and they managed to rear us without having to get us out of jail, place us in drug rehabilitation or bury us...and I am special because I am the caboose of a train of wonderful siblings!"

September 27, 2000 - Rex and Marlisa - "We wanna be famous because we just look so damn cute together!!!!! And who knows what the future holds, one day we could be famous on this website, the next day we could be in People magazine....'er something..... ;-)"

September 28, 2000 - Kahlin - "I wanna be famous because no one in my family has ever been "famous" (well, my dad has his name in the paper daily, probably because he is local sportswriter..I know I know..oooh! right? Well, golly gee a real live sportswriter! Isn't that just a dandy? I ask you to cool you're excitement for a second and finish reading..) And I decided that it is up to be to take the responsibility upon my shoulders to bring the "Kelly" family some decent attention. Besides, people are starting to figure out that Gene Kelly and Grace Kelly aren't really distant great second cousins and I need a new gimmick 2nd of all, I am very ambitious (or stupid, you decide) and I have decided to pursue my dream of screenwriting, disowning any other sensible and practical thought to achieve my life goal. You see..(uh oh...boring useless facts on Kahlin Kelly...keep reading cause there is a monster behind you, and I warn that he gets angry when someone doesn't finish my work..Oreo cookies work well as a short distraction if you come to need a "potty" break..) I originally planned to major in Journalism in college, but I had a recent epiphany and realized how short life is, and that you only have one shot, so you should pursue something that you really want, no matter how unattainable it seems. (How is that for a run-on sentance?) So, now I am a hopeful screenwriting major upon my completion of community college in May. I really really really want to get into the film school at the University of Central Florida (yup, the same guys that brought us "The Blair Witch Project"), but first I have to convince them how cool I am. (Don't roll your eyes at me! Remember who is behind you!) I have already wrote numerous plays, one which was produced last spring, and ...WOW! What a rush that was! If I can get UCF to be my friend and let me have a B.A., I want to go to the University of Southern California to continue in the master's program. 3rd, I WANNA BE FAMOUS! Before I die, I want to be able to tell people that I was famous. That I got out there..that I did something. That I was a college girl on a website, but my clothes were on. So, as you must agree, this could be a great back-up plan if the screenwriting thing doesn't work out...of course if you have seen "Nurse Betty" or some of the other recent movies, I would say I might have a fair chance..."




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