People are Talking about Us!

B105 FM - B105 FM in Australia talked about us in their "Word on the Net" section of their website.

  Netscape NetCenter - Netscape NetCenter thinks we're "What's New" on the net!

San Diego Union-Tribune -The SanDiego Union-Tribune has written a nice article about our site titled 15minutes of fame in reach with mouse click where they ask, "In thiscelebrity-obsessed world of crazed fans and relentless paparazzi, why wouldanyone want to be famous?"

 UTNEReader - We've been featured in Utne Reader magazine in the June, 2000issue. If you're really interested in becoming famous, then you've got to pickup this issue. It's got a bunch of great articles about fame.

Isto… Gente -We're now HUGE in Brazil thanks to Isto… Gente,who wrote a great article about us!

WFRL Radio - Clintinterviewed Bill Hartzer (the founder of IWannaBeFamous!) on the Click withClint show, live!

NetTalkLive! -We've now been featured on national television! We're one of Georgia's Hotsites!

Worst of the Web! -4WorstOfWeb has declared that we're one of the worst web pages on the net!Editor's Pick of the Month!

Website of the Week!  - According to the San Francisco Chronicle, we're websiteof the week for the week of 1/10/2000!

ICON - The SydneyMorning Herald (Sydney, Australia) reviewed our website.  They thinkwe're pretty cool!

1999 Golden Web Award - We won the "Golden Web award" from the International Association ofWeb Masters and Designers!

Go2net.com- Go2Net.com, the search engine, awarded us the "useless site" award!

Vistar- We also won the "Weird Sightings Pick of the Day" award!

Weird Wild Web- IGN wrote a cool article about us!

Loquesea- Miliano Zapata also wrote an article about our website!  In Spanish!

Iceland - Yes, the country Iceland! Islandia Internet has also featured us lately.

About.com- About.com featured us for a week and labeled us "Worst of the Web!"(Is that good?)

Web Soup -Web Soup has also featured us.