how to be a model
how to be a model
how to be a model

How to be a Model

Areas of Modeling
There are several areas modeling to get involved in. We explain here how to be a model. Some people may be suited better in some areas than others (based on their qualities and weaknesses). The best person to judge where a future model may be best suited is a modeling agency. Modeling agencies know what the fashion industry is looking for in models and seek accordingly. Below are some of the areas that you might be able to become involved in followed by a brief listing of advertising mediums, so you know how to be a model.

-Fashion: Fashion models advertise clothing (dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, coats, etc...) and accessories to help retailers sell their products. Fashion models work for local retailers and national chains.

-Hand / Foot: Hand and foot modeling is needed by retailers that sell shoes, socks, jewelry, gloves.

-Eye wear: Eye wear models display the latest Eye wear fashions. They are employed by retailers that sell sunglasses and prescription Eye wear.

-Hair: Salons and hair care manufacturers employ models to help sell services and hair care products.

-Teeth: Dentists, orthodontists, and tooth paste manufactures hire models to help sell their services and products.

Advertising Mediums

-Print: One medium of advertising that is overabundant is print. Print advertising includes newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and company adverts.

-Fashion Shows: Often, models are employed by retailers to participate in fashion shows. This allows consumers to see how clothing hangs on a live person in motion. Fashion shows are used by local retailers and by clothing manufacturers.

-Television: Models may be employed by businesses to help sell their services and/or products with television advertisements.

-Test Model: Test models are employed by clothing manufactures to "test" new clothing lines and styles.

-Radio: Radio advertising is not in the fashion industry, but if you have a distinctive, clear voice, this may be something that you may want to look into. It requires a mastery of the English language and good ability to act.