How to be a Model

Can I do it?

One of the hardest things in life is to do is wonder if you have what it takes to do something. You will never know unless you go and try! If you have the genuine interest to pursue a career in modeling, then you should try. But be forewarned, the modeling industry can be ruthless! If you have visions of showing up for a photo shoot at noon, working for 30 minutes, and then calling it a day with lots of money in your pocket, you are wrong! Modeling requires much self discipline, dedication, and long hours. In addition, many modeling assignments require a model that is a certain height and build. The following are some additional things you should think about:

Firstly, and most importantly, a model must take care of themselves (think of it as a job within a job). If they plan on going to school, or working a full time job, while modeling, care must be taken. Modeling is very demanding work and requires plenty of sleep, good nutrition, and exercise (to maintain weight within standards). In addition, the model must maintain their completion (acne/blemishes). A daily regiment of personal care of must be made and adhered to!

Secondly, a model should try and gain as much experience as they can! This can require working small assignments for little pay! A new model rarely has the opportunity to pick and choose what assignments they want to work (within reason). They should take everything that is offered for the following reasons: 1. It shows ambition. 2. It creates tear sheets and/or photos of assignments for inclusion in a portfolio (book). 3. It gives the model experience in working within a large range. 4. It offers some money.

Thirdly, models face competition when looking for work. When represented by an agency, models are sent out to auditions (open call) with their portfolio (book). There, they compete with other models for assignments. The employer usually knows the look that they are seeking for that particular assignment, so some people will not get the job because they don't have that "look". No assignment, no money. The modeling agency does not pay a model to sit with his/her book for several hours while waiting to have it reviewed. This is just part of the job. But in order to make it, and gain more experience, the hopeful model should stick with going to open calls and not give up.

Its tough, but I honestly believe if you really want to be in modeling, you can. It requires lots of effort on your part! Agencies can only help you find assignments. You are the one who has to get up at the crack of dawn and go to do the work. You are the one who has to stick to a stringent regiment of taking care of yourself. You are the one who has to be a good business person. And you are the one who has to keep trying! You can make it if you try!