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IWannaBeFamous! is looking for someone just like you! We feature one person (or group) per day and makes them famous by featuring them on our website. Because of all the publicity this site has received lately, being featured on our website really might make you famous


We're now accepting video clips. Tell us, in a video clip, why you wanna be famous. Upload your video to or Google Video and send us the link to your video clip. Play the video below to hear a message from Bill Hartzer, the original creator of iWannaBeFamous!

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If you have a talent for something, tell us and we'll do our best to make you a pop star, a rodeo queen, or a model. Or if you just wanna be famous and don't have any special talent, then that's okay too.


If you think you've got what it takes to be famous, then tell us about yourself and why you wanna be famous! It doesn't matter whether you're fun-loving, witty, scary, beautiful, homely, or handsome. If you're unique (everyone is!) then send us your photo or video clip! We can't wait to see it!


Submit your photo (preferably a video clip) to us and tell us why you wanna be famous. If selected, we will contact you via the information you provide below. Your photo or video clip and "Why you wanna be famous" could be seen by thousands!



1. Fill out the form below.

2. Attach your photo in .jpg or .gif format or upload your video to or Google Video and send us the link to it. 

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Your submission does NOT guarantee selection as IWannaBeFamous! featured person for the day .  We reserve the right to reject an entry for any reason.  Entries with pornographic and/or adult content are not eligible for IWannaBeFamous! featured person for the day. Entries without photos or videos generally don't get considered. Right now we're especially looking for video clips..tell why you wanna be famous and don't forget to mention in your video and you'll have a better chance of being featured.