If you wanna be part of the famous actors, famous actresses, or famous models that we've featured on this how to become famous website, then we suggest that you submit your famous quote or famous quotations as to why you wanna be famous. We try to make famous people, famous artists, and famous photographers by featuring famous people, just like you, so you too can become famous. If you wanna find out about famous birthdays, then you should probably look elsewhere on our website. Or maybe you should just search our famous website for famous people. You never know which famous people we've made famous! And what about famous speeches and famous inventors? We've got those famous quotes, famous babes, famous explorers, famous scientists, and famous Canadians too! Famous quotes are our favorite. If you've got a famous quote that isn't famous yet, then submit it by clicking on our become famous link at the top of website and submit it to us. Tell us why you wanna be famous!

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Wanna Be a Famous Celebrity?

WARNING: There are a lot of copycat wannabe famous websites out there. Don't be fooled by imitations. iWannaBeFamous.com is the original. Bill Hartzer was the first to put someone on a website and attempt to make them famous. Trust the original, not the copycats.

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Today is 04/14/24
Today's famous person is Rachel.

 "I wanna be famous because I am a young 16 yr. old theater actress looking very hard to be in movies. I have finally figured out my dream....I use to watch t.v. see this "dentist" actor that I thought was so cool and then thought..."hey, I want to be a cool dentist just like him".....or I would watch a model movie and say the same thing....this went on over and over and over, but I know why!! I want the thrill the happiness and the fun like I see in movies...I want to give people the joy of seeing me in movies like my movie heroes did with me!!! I figured out that I am tired of just dreaming about doing something, I am sick of a looking for a "regular" job, I know that nothing but acting interests me, I feel life slipping by ,and that "something is missing" feeling begins to dominate me all day and night, I can't even watch the Academy Awards ceremony without crying, I have lost something in common with some of my friends, and my mom and sister don't believe in me past the theater.....that is how I know...that is me.....I have to be....in the movies!!! I WILL get my chance...but I need help."

Here at IWannaBeFamous!, we feature one ordinary person at a time. Being a famous celebrity is not so bad after all. Sometimes fame and Being a celebrity brings big fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Keep in mind that once you're famous you'll need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and perhaps a good plastic surgeon. Are you up to the challenge of receiving instant fame through the internet? If so, then send us your photo today and tell us why you wanna be famous!

April - "I wanna be famous because I would be a fashion queen. I could be so glamorous. I would love to be able to be a trendsetter for fashion and I could do that through being famous. I would also have lots of charities. I would love to be able to help people out." Bill - "I wanna be famous because I'm single." Brenda -"I wanna be famous because I had the guts to leave a secure 19 year marriage to find happiness and lost almost 100 pounds in the process, and regained my love of living again!!"

Daniel - "I wanna be famous because I'm goofy and I have a lamp on my head!" Isabel - "I wanna be famous because my grandpa thinks I should be famous because everyone should see my beautiful face. I love my mummy." Ricardo - "I wanna be famous because I'd like to show the world how beautiful we Brazilians are."


          "Why do you wanna be famous?"
Bill Hartzer

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