Being famous is not so bad after all. Sometimes fame and brings fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Once you are famous you will need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and perhaps a good plastic surgeon.

Oceane Tahe is Famous!

I wanna be famous because...singing is one of my favorite hobbies! I sing since I'm a child and some of my friends tell me that i'm a pretty good singer. I think you should feature me on your website because I've a huge motivation and I really want to succeed ...

Miro is Famous!

I wanna be famous because... Lately my life has been boring. I'm a great leader. Most people tell me I'm very good looking. Maybe I'm wrong... I know I look fine !! I've made it this far in life. Got some money. Got nice cars - toys !! But I'm ...

Cody Durden is Famous! I wanna be famous because... I believe that i have the talent to Sing and the reason i want to be famous is to be hear i do not want to be famous for the money, I wanna be famous for just being me (cody durden) and Because i think the lord ...

Jeremy is Famous! I don’t speak much english just a little and I wanna learn more english, I wanna be a famous like singer model and actor my name is jeremy joel cortes rivera, and my favorite name like artist is (Drew Rivera) PLEASE! I am puerto rican and I am 15 old ...

Tyrique Moore is Famous! I wanna be famous because...i have a great singing voice.I know how to play guitar,piano,violin.I really dont wanna be a jazz singer i wanna be a r & b singer

Laura Throsby is Famous!

I wanna be famous because, i want people to know who i am, and what i am good at. I love acting and modeling. I don't have much experience, but i'm passionate about acting, so i consider myself as a great actress! I would love to have the opportunity ...

Lindafrvl is Famous! Featured on

I wanna be famous because...I would like to be a success story. Since I was a little girl in grade school, kids used to make fun of me for being a tall, gangly, buck-toothed, "fish-lipped", glasses-wearing, Pokemon and Harry Potter fanatic---obsessed dork. I have greatly changed since my middle school and ...

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April 23rd 2021
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Brant Crockett is Famous!

I wanna be famous because, well, I want more people to see the photos that I take. I love backpacking around Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountains, taking photos. My name is Brant Crockett, and if there's a waterfall, creek, or a snow-capped mountain along my hiking journey, I'll take ...
January 21st 2021
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Kari Kluter is Famous!

I wanna be famous, because I want to spread love and empathy around the world. I want to be the nicest, most empathetic, and most caring person in the world. You should feature me on your site, because I care so much about everyone in the world.
November 19th 2017
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KC Kurbursky is Famous!

I wanna be famous because...i want to wake up knowing i mean something to people and my family as more than just a breathe of air i want it so next time a judge tells me he wil make sure i cant see my son and my evidence doesnt matter ...
November 19th 2017
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Ruby Jones is Famous!

I wanna be famous because... I am an amazing singer, I'm only 10 and I love too sing and act!!!!! I'm pretty, creative, dramatic, confident, up for a challenge, ready to be famous, I can see myself signing autographs and modeling for a brand. Please make my dream come true. ...
November 19th 2017
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Harvey Young is Famous!

I wanna be famous because I know how it is for people these days. I want to be famous because I want to take an interest in others I want to show the world how we really should be. There is people today who get bullied for reasons but the person who ...


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