Being famous is not so bad after all. Sometimes fame and brings fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Once you are famous you will need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and perhaps a good plastic surgeon.

The Faces of Annalyn Frame’d

We decided to do some experiments with some “face swap” type of tools. You can take someone’s face and put their face on someone else’s face, in a photo. One of our latest “i Wanna Be Famous” submissions is Annalyn, so we decided to use her face an example. These are from various photos, all with a face swap of Annalyn, whereas her face is swapped and Frame’d. Let us know what you think. What are your favorite Face Swap apps?

Annalyn Frame as Lincoln

Annalyn Frame as Lincoln statue

Annalyn Frame at a bar

Annalyn Frame at a bar with the OK bartender

Annalyn Frame on money

Annalyn Frame money zoomed in

Annalyn Frame football

Annalyn Frame football jersey

Annalyn Frame angel

Annalyn Frame angel large

Annalyn Frame at beach

Annalyn Frame beach

Annalyn Frame hot star

Annalyn Frame hot

Annalyn Frame wedding

Annalyn Frame wedding celebration

Annalyn Frame santa

Annalyn Frame santa large

Annalyn Frame tree

Annalyn Frame christmas tree

Annalyn Frame california

Annalyn Frame California Golden Gate Bridge

Annalyn Frame collage model

Annalyn Frame collage model

Annalyn Frame with dog

Annalyn Frame with dog and hat

Annalyn Frame guitar

Annalyn Frame guitar singer

Annalyn Frame hands

Annalyn Frame hot hands

Annalyn Frame climbing

Annalyn Frame climbar

Annalyn Frame moon

Annalyn Frame moon

Annalyn Frame cloak

Annalyn Frame in cloak

Annalyn Frame tattoo

Annalyn Frame tattoo artist

At IWannaBeFamous!, we feature one ordinary person at a time. Are you up to the challenge of having fame? If so, send us your photo today and tell us why you wanna be famous!
Face Swap with Annalyn
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July 19th 2023

Jim Vanderberg (James Vanderberg) is Famous!

I wanna be famous because, well, because I'm known as "Toronto Jim", Jim Vanderberg from Toronto Canada (also known as James Vanderberg) Everyone in Toronto knows me as Toronto Jim, and I'm a small business owner, just about to become a large business owner.
January 20th 2022

Joshua Shuemake is Famous!

I wanna be famous because I'm one of the IT guys that just hangs out behind the scenes so to speak. We're the ones you come to when your laptop is acting all crazy, or you accidentally deleted a file that you need before your next meeting in 20 minutes. ...
September 28th 2021

Echoe Matthews is Famous!

Hi, my name is Echoe Matthews, and I wanna be famous because I've always been the female class clown, so to speak. But now that I'm in college I deserve a lot more attention and people to take me seriously. I believe that if I become famous because of the ...
September 28th 2021

Annalyn Frame is Famous!

I wanna be famous because I've worked so hard over the years to get good grades in school. I finally got into my dream college, and I'm studying exactly what I want to do, which is nursing. I believe that if someone like me, Annalyn Frame, from a small town ...
July 10th 2021

Evan Williams is Famous!

I wanna be famous because... I'm mixed with black and white and feel like I can get away with saying things that a lot of people cant. born and raised in Dallas and have a lot of life experience. I went to elementary school in the rough parts of Dallas ...


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