Being famous is not so bad after all. Sometimes fame and brings fortune, but other times it brings headaches. Once you are famous you will need an agent, a photographer, a bodyguard, an accountant, a therapist, a lawyer, and perhaps a good plastic surgeon.

Kaylee Thompson Wants to be Famous

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I wanna be famous because… Well i would like to be famous because i like Attention, okay no thats not the reason. Well at school i have always had friends, i was sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower. and then when Junior highschool came, i was always put out of the picture because one of my friends became popular and never talked to me, no Hi’s or smiles, Hugs and Kisses, nuthing. There were some nice popular girls but then there were the rudest of them all. me and my friends tried our hardest to ignore them but they would just laugh, ACT like we were best buddies and all. and that they were perfect, and we were inperfection to the human eye. Once again i wasnt Popular but i did have Tons of friends.

I like to sing, my brother thought i did horrible, my friend Nicole said that i was really good some people said that it was too, others said it was okay.. i was mad because i wasnt as good as Mariah Carrey or Christina Agulera. i also play guitar I also was angry because i wasnt as good as my instructor. i Practiced though and got better. and i have writen over 14 songs on my own, 2/3rds of them arnt finished lol. i also love fashion and for 2 years i wanted to be a fashion designer. i was and am the only extreme creative one in my family i can say that with confidence. but i didnt think i would beable to follow threw with such a big commitment.

later though, me and my friend Nicole she is about 5 feet 7 inches and is in 9th grade, Me, i am in 10th grade and i am 5 feet 3 inches. i dont look that short though i guess i have longer legs than my body. we talked about being models. i know that it sounds silly that a short girl wants to be a model but i would LOVE to be one.

ever since i was younger when i would come home from shoping with my mom i would go to my room put on a pair of jeans the new shoes i bought, the new belt i got and the cutest shirt that i liked 1st and walk down and up my hall showing every one in my family my newest outfit and my runway strut.

i love watching Americas next top model and wished that i could be a few inches taller, had a slighter smaller nose or my smile wasnt so crooked, OR somthing that would make me be just as beautiful as the girls in that show. then i realized that God made me, Me and he loves me the way he made me and that if Models have to be perfect hight, length, wieght, face shape.. then every single one of those models should be fierd because none of them have that. NONE. no one can be perfect hight. What is the PERFECT face shape… nose shape, the perfect amount of hair on your head. the perfect shade of eyes, the perfect wieght length.. no one knows? DUH! cuz there isnt any. so i realized that if i wanted to be a model then i could.. and thats how i want to be famous is by being a model that shows girls that i am short yes, but not everyone has to be the ‘PERFECT’ anything.

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